Snapshot, Back To School Edition: The Cutest Photoshoot Outtakes You’ll Ever See.


A studio full of energetic little cuties is a great reminder that enjoying what you do is all about your attitude--and, of course, that you are never too young to start showing some serious style. (Seriously, does that denim jacket / metallic skirt / floral dress/ plaid blazer come in our size?)

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Flashback Friday: Ramshackle Glam, How To Be A Dad & More On Those Fashion Faux Pas.


There’s nothing more we love than an excuse to shop, and with Back to School just around the corner (gah!), we’ve got our eye on new clothes, new kicks, and new gear for the little ones in our lives—and maybe ourselves, too. But sometimes, even the best planned outfits can go very, very wrong, even by members of the fashion elite. In that spirit, we coerced…

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To Watch: A MyHabit Summer Road Trip In Search Of All Things Americana.


Truth: There is no better time to embark on an old school road trip than summer, which was precisely our thinking when setting out on a cross-country tour in search of cool home décor inspired by various American locales. We drove to Dallas for Tex-mex and trinkets, navigated Nashville for BBQ and barware, putted around Portsmouth, NH for craft beer and crisp…

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MyHabit Road Trip, Stop #1: Four Local Habits We Liked In Portsmouth, NH.


If driving along a pristine New England coast one hot day in July didn’t do it for us, the friendly locals would have. Given us a desire to never, ever leave the quaint seaside fishing town of Portsmouth, NH, that is. Here, the local habits we especially liked about this New England locale.

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Gentlemen Of Summer: What To Pack & Where To Go, According To Scout Sixteen.


A guy should never leave for a quick weekend getaway without packing the essentials, like facial moisturizer, shaving cream, chapstick and sunscreen. If you're looking for a last-minute exotic locale, try Los Cabos, Mexico. Los Cabos still retains some of that laid-back sensibility you want from a Mexican outpost, with empty beaches, delicious taco stands, and…

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Gentlemen Of Summer: Isaac Likes On The Best Corner In NYC To Spend A Lazy Day.


I don’t know about you, but by the time Sunday rolls around, I’m usually pretty damn exhausted. Recently, I’ve been DJing parties on Thursdays and Saturdays, and there’s always something on Fridays, so come Sunday, the thought of taking a day trip to the beach or running around a dog park or going to the gym or eating a fancy brunch or doing any of those other…

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Cherry Bombe’s Summer Sweets: A Few Favorite Recipes From Our Favorite Magazine.


The theme of the latest issue of food-meets-fashion magazine Cherry Bombe is 'Girl Crush', an apt focus given the significant girl crush we have on Cherry Bombe founders Kerry Diamond and Claudia Wu. Can you blame us? This is a magazine, after all, that took two of our biggest passions--food! fashion!--and created an absolutely stunning publication showcasing…

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