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Cozy Home Decorating Ideas from Coco+Kelley (Or: How to Survive Winter).


I don’t know about you, but come late January, I’m usually ready for spring—a dangerous feeling when you’re still in the depths of winter! So, instead of pining our days away, waiting for signs of warm weather, why don’t we embrace the last couple months of winter together by taking advantage of these cozy decor tricks for the remaining chilly nights…

Believe it or not, sheer drapes during the winter make much more sense than in the summer. I love how much light they let in during the darker winter days. Adding lots of greenery into the house during these months also helps fight away the winter blues!

While I’m definitely a gal who loves my crisp white bedding, in the winter, crawling into chocolate, taupe, plum, or other rich-toned sheets seems to somehow make things even more warm and welcoming. 

In the living room, I love to add layers all year round, but in winter, even more so. I wrap my sofa’s seat with rich textiles, or drape them over the back, for even more of a cozy factor. Of course, piling on pillows is always a good idea, and adding a layers of furry textiles - whether pillows, throws or rugs - is the best in these chilly months!

Above all of these, my favorite part of winter, is snuggling up to a flickering fire. There’s only so many days left for this one, so grab a book and a blanket, and cozy up, my friends!

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