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Denim: A Love Story


Denim is, and always been, a way of life for me—literally. My family owns a dairy farm in Washington State, and my first pair of jeans was a pair of Osh Kosh denim overalls. Denim is true work wear on a farm, and so I lived in my Levis, wore out my Wranglers. It’s kind of funny: The wear and tear that people pay big bucks for in denim today was obtained naturally with the pairs I owned, a result of hours spent doing chores every day. Feeding baby calves, driving tractors—all that jazz. Even now, when I go home, I am greeted at my front door with a pair of overalls and work boots, just like I never left the farm. Even though I grew up in jeans, I fell into denim as a career by accident about thirteen years ago. Jeans then were generally ill-fitting at best, and so when I tried on a pair of sexy, slim-fit jeans from soon-to-be launched denim label Rock & Republic—everything changed. Me, the denim market, the whole world. I realized I loved the thrill of discovering new denim brands, and this is why, after helping launch PRPS Womens, Imitation of Christ, Henry Duarte and more, I joined MYHABIT as denim buyer. I am somehow lucky enough to get to spend each day scouting emerging brands and new styles, and now with the launch of THE FIX, I have a place to share these finds, as well as some of the denim tips and habits I’ve accumulated over the years.

Let’s start with the basics, shall we?

Favorite piece of denim

The denim jacket by Wrangler I had when I was a baby. I wore that thing to death.

Favorite pair of jeans

My Levi 501s. All worn out and priceless.

Number of jeans in my closet

100 plus. (I know! It’s a hazard.)

Random denim habit to live by

Always wash your jeans inside out. When buying jeans, remember:

Jeans are personal, so find a pair that represents who you are. Be you.

(Photo: My sister Liz (left) and I many moons ago at our family owned Dan Maur Farms.)

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