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Easy DIY Project: 6 Steps To Putting The Best-Wrapped Gift Under That Tree.


One of my favorite parts of the holidays are the days leading up to Christmas when I spend hours wrapping my packages to place under the tree or give to friends! I break out my storage containers (yes, there’s more than one) full of ribbons and paper, and happily get to work while watching holiday movies and sipping hot cocoa! Over the years, I’ve come up with quite a few toppers, but this year, I wanted to try something a little less conventional… tulle + tinsel!

Here’s what you’ll need for this easy DIY:
* tulle (at least 2-3 yards)
* tinsel (I prefer a coordinating color, but you can do contrasting colors too!)
* scissors
* fishing line
* a piece of cardboard cut to about 3 inches wide (depending on how big you want your tulle topper!)
* a present to wrap, along with wrapping paper and tape.


Step 1: Wrap that present up!


Step 2: Wrap the tulle around your piece of cardboard keeping in mind that the width will be about as big as the topper turns out on the present, so adjust accordingly!


Step 3: Slide the tulle off the cardboard, making sure to keep it in tact. Then, pinching it in the middle, take your fishing line and tie it off right in the middle. Be sure to leave plenty of length on the fishing line. (You’ll see why later!) Make sure it’s tight as tight as it can go!


Step 4: Snip the looped edges, and carefully (don’t pull too hard) fluff the tulle so it turns into a ball! This will take a little coaxing, but it should fluff itself out nicely. If you want, you can leave the topper just like this - a sweet little ball of tulle - or you can add some tinsel!


Step 5. You’re going to wrap the tinsel around the inside of the puff ball, so cut off just a bit of length and wrap it around the middle. You will tie it off with the fishing line that is already on there! (See why you need the extra now!?) The back will look a little messy as the tinsel will overlap, buuuuut…


Step 6: Flip the tulle + tinsel topper over and use the fishing line to tie it on to your package. Trim off any excess fishing line, and you’re done! And hey, if you stock up on tinsel garland during the holidays, you can use this DIY all year long to top your gifts!!


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