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Eva Chen: On Traveling in Style.


Travel—Paris! London! Milan! Tokyo!—is glamorous. The actual process of traveling, however, is not. Even the most sane, chic individual might fall prey to stress, and devolve into an unstylish mash-up of a Walking Dead zombie and, well, a toddler, lurching towards her gate in pajamas, dragging a pillow along the floor. Don’t consign yourself to that fate though—here, my advice for (slightly) more civilized travel.

1. Dress the part: A mountain climber friend of mine once told me that the key to enduring an intense climb is proper layering of clothing. He might’ve been talking about Everest… but I take the same approach with travel attire. My perennial outfit: Black leggings (leather in the winter), a body-skimming tank top (on the longer side), a long-sleeved cotton t-shirt, and the world’s largest, warmest, and coziest cashmere sweater that can double as a coat. To that, I add a large scarf and—important!—a slouchy knit hat that can be pulled over eyes to block out light (and woeful sights like the aforementioned pillow draggers). 

2. Clean it up: When I get to my seat, the first thing I do is whip out antibacterial hand wipes, which I swipe on anything the previous passenger might have touched (arm rests, head rest, tray table, seat recline button, and television controls). It’s an undeniable fact that people stare at me like I’m completely certifiable when I embark on this routine. But once I show them the used wipes—which are often a grimy gray—they typically ask me for one (or three). 

3. Take care of your skin: The optimal humidity for skin is between forty and sixty percent. Airplane air hovers between zero and ten percent humidity—you do the math. On a flight to Hong Kong, a Cathay Pacific flight attendant once shared her skincare routine with me. On any given long haul flight, she would cleanse, apply skincare (comprised of six steps), followed by makeup at least twice. That makes my typical behavior—wiping skin off with a facial cleansing wipe, applying a face oil (the best thing for skin ever, on board or off), and a heavy duty lip balm—seem positively amateurish. Upon arrival, I’ll repeat the routine (and, time-permitting, apply a moisture mask). 

4. Hydrate copiously: Some people equate flying with Cancun spring break. I do not. No beverages for me, save for green tea (I bring my own tea bags) and water. Your skin and body will thank you for it.

Safe—and glam!—travels to you this holiday season!

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