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First Lady Style, Election Fashion & Other Inspiring Habits From ‘Round the Web


Every day our New York-based editorial team has a tantalizingly long wait between our 9am(ish) arrival to work and the noon-o’clock launch of our daily events. What’s an editor to do? Sip our coffee and surf the web, naturally. And, with the past two weeks being so momentous, there were no shortage of articles and blog posts that served to keep us inspired, hopeful and encouraged.

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for us in the Northeast, and so: A love letter to our city, your city, every city anyone calls home.

Snapshot: 92 years of women voting.

Inspiring, indeed: A glance at some of 2012’s biggest thinkers.

Election fashion: Turns out there is such a thing.

Three cheers for four more years of the ever-stylish (and ever-pragmatic) Michelle Obama as First Lady.

And, on a more serious note: A quick link to the Red Cross to assist in Hurricane Sandy relief.

(Image of Bill & Hillary circa 1982 from New York mag.)

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