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White Denim Styling Tips


White jeans: No longer reserved for that small but glorious window of time between Memorial Day and Labor Day. If colored jeans are all the rage right now, white is the fairest of them all, and in no small part because they serve as a blank canvas to wear with just about anything. That isn’t to say, however, that wearing white denim isn’t the tiniest bit daunting the first time around. Below, some styling tips to get you started.

1. Fit is key. Although white isn’t the most forgiving color, it can be slimming when worn correctly. Main point here? Avoid anything too tight.

2. Quality matters. When a pair of white jeans isn’t constructed well, it will show. Go for a clean, minimalist style, and avoid features like back pockets and rhinestones. And remember: You don’t need to break the bank for quality. (Ahem.)

3. Be sure to wear the right undergarments. Nude thongs or line-less boy shorts are your best bet.

4. We love bright white denim, emphasis on bright—nothing’s worse than a dingy pair. Keep them clean and fresh by washing with a bit of bleach. Always keep an on-the-go spot remover close by. Avoid drying in the machine so jeans don’t turn yellow over time.

5. Styling tips aside: Anything goes. (If you follow the above rules, of course.) Wear with stripes, or don sequins, or add pops of bright color. Most important? Have fun with it.

(Shop white denim - and other must-have Spring 2012 trends - here. Above photo snapped by the lovely Anastasia at the MYHABIT studio.)

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