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My Mother’s Style By Jane Aldridge


It’s no surprise but I was fortunate to grow up with a glamorous and stylish mother who knew the ins and outs of the fashion industry. When I was fifteen, she went into the attic and pulled out a big box of vintage clothing that she had saved for me from the eighties including a mile-long Ghost duster jacket, gauzy Comme des Garcons tunics, and ruffled petticoats. Lucky me. Not only does she have unfailingly impeccable taste, but she knows exactly what she is looking for.

My mom’s knowledge of vintage clothing in particular is tremendous. She spent years as a model in Tokyo, where she learned to marry her love of vintage with avant garde designers like Comme des Garcons—a delicious combination. She turned me on to all of my favorite designers, like Kansai Yamamoto and Adolfo. We spend many nights sitting side by side scoping out vintage on eBay, and while I’m barely scanning through my second page of vintage Yves Saint Laurent, my mom has found a dozen rare vintage gems that would have taken me weeks to come across. It’s the same situation when we go thrifting together: she can clean out the best of Goodwill in a matter of minutes. As a shopping partner, she is a force to be reckoned with.

No one is a bigger believer in a uniform than my mom. Nine days out of ten, you can find her wearing her favorite jeans (a little worse for the wear after ten years of love) and thrifted sweatshirts (worn inside out) with Manolo pumps. But you better believe that on the tenth day, she is going to pull out a wild card. She thinks nothing of wearing a tulle-stuffed Bob Mackey evening coat with gold jeans to a casual dinner. I would love to know what her neighbors think when they see her walking her dogs down the street in cropped metallic brocade sixties caftans and patent leather boots. I know a few of them jokingly refer to her place as Auntie Mame’s. She is oblivious to stares. I love that my mom doesn’t completely see the irony when she wears her Rocket Power T-shirts with a leather skirt. To her, good design is good design, and that’s what style is about. Shop Judy’s event starting 5/8 at 9 AM PT.

judy_aldridge Judy Aldridge’s high-school portrait

Photographs courtesy of Jane and Judy Aldridge

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