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MYHABIT Buyer Diary: On Vintage Jewelry.


People say having kids will change your life and reset your priorities. As a mother myself, I can say it definitely re-prioritized my shopping behavior. I now go for classic vintage pieces, ones that I can eventually pass down to my daughter. And, luckily, one no longer needs to scour small town garage sales or spend a fortune at a Christie’s auction to find great heirloom pieces—you just need to find a good vintage store or two. I love to browse through Doyle & Doyle, a fine vintage jewelry boutique in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. I also make frequent purchases at Pippin, an affordable vintage store in Chelsea that boasts jewelry, watches and accessories. Many designers now offer vintage pieces along with their usual collections, too. Lulu Frost is among my favorites: Her original designs are inspired by vintage jewelry, but she also sells the actual vintage pieces that serve as her inspiration. And world-renowned collector Carole Tanenbaum now has a website featuring the largest collection of vintage jewelry I have ever come across.

Now, which pieces to buy?  Brooches: Making a comeback! (Pin a few small ones on your evening clutch, pin one on the cuff of your sleeve or even wear one in your hair.) Tennis bracelets: Easy to find. (Wear multiple strands in clear and colored stones all on one wrist.)  And vintage 1940’s watches are classy, while Chanel’s iconic chains will always be great addition to anyone’s jewelry box.

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