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MYHABIT Buyer Diary: Poker Night


Some attend book clubs, theater clubs or dance clubs, but for serious intellectual thrill seekers, there are poker clubs. Nightlife influencer David Rabin helms the poker club I’m in: He’s had the incredible patience to teach a group of professionals the ins and outs of Texas hold’em poker for the past few years. He’s more than just our poker professor, however; he is also our dealer, and, most importantly, our bank. (Is it fun just to play with chips? Absolutely!)

We play at The Lamb’s Club, tucked away upstairs by the fireplace, surrounded by Art Deco glamour and beautifully curated books. While nibbling on various sweet and savory delectable treats, we learn poker lingo, betting culture, body language and how to utilize cards on the “flop” and/or the “river”. The chance to share stories about everything from families to work to current events, to reconnect with old friends and make new friends, means it’s always winning night for every player. And in more ways than one: My last hand, I went “all-in” (as we often do) with a pair of aces and a pair of Kings, and won a pot of $500 in chips! 

Oh, and the catch to entering this exclusive club? It’s ladies only.

myhabit buyer diary
The scene.

myhabit buyer diary
The food.

myhabit buyer diary
The manual. (Created just for us!)

myhabit buyer diary
The loot. (My big win!)

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