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Purseblog: The Five Bags Every Woman Needs.


So many women get up every morning, stare at their closets and don’t know where to start. It’s a common problem, and one that can be avoided if you had only planned carefully when acquiring all the stuff that now resides in your wardrobe. We love a spur-of-the-moment find as much as anyone, but until you’ve availed yourself of the basics for good dressing, other things should be on your shopping list.

Luckily, when it comes to accessories, we’ve taken the liberty of making that list for you. (It’s kind of our specialty.) After all, a bag can make or break almost any outfit, so having a solid selection is essential to any strong wardrobe. So what should you have? By our calculations, it really only takes five bags to ensure that you have one for every occasion. (Although we won’t fault you if you buy more.)

Everyday Neutrals Depending on your chosen color palette (You probably rely heavily on either black or brown. Be honest.), you should pick a solid-colored, neutral bag that can do the job at work and wherever else, no matter what you’re wearing. Personally, I go for black handbags, but grey is also a good option if you split your sartorial time more evenly between black and brown - it will work with both. Make sure the bag doesn’t have obvious logos - those can be off-putting in a work environment. Can it hold a laptop or tablet? Even better.

Everyday Brights After you’ve got your neutrals down, you need a bag that will provide a bit of color on days that you’re wearing mostly neutrals. Pick your favorite shade and go for it; you’ll be surprised how easy it is to incorporate a bright bag into your daily routine. Be careful, though, because bright colors make the quality (or lack thereof) of a bag very apparent. Our suggestion is to stick with Italian leather handbags to ensure the best materials.

Take-Anywhere Bags Don’t get caught in the rain with a super expensive leather bag! Instead, be prepared - pick a solid option from a brand a few price levels under what you’d normally buy, or if you’d like something that can potentially work as a beach or pool bag, choose a roomy, inexpensive nylon tote from a company with a strong reputation for versatile travel pieces.

Evening Bags No matter what kind of social life you have, you’re eventually going to need to go to some kind of event at night. A big shoulder bag just doesn’t work with a cute cocktail dress, so have something at the ready. A small black leather clutch can work (and it can also pull double duty as a pouch inside a larger bag), but if you want something more fun, choose from all the great silver or gold evenings bags that are on the market right now. Simply pick which metallic goes with your favorite jewelry!

Statement Bags Once you’ve got those basics out of the way, it’s time to choose something really special. Whether it’s an exotic leather bag, a print, or maybe a little bit of fur, you should have something in your bag collection that makes your heart beat a little faster every time you see it. Don’t think it’ll work with most of your wardrobe? That’s fine - when you love a bag that much, you’ll find a way to work it in. Trust me, I know from experience.

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