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The Artisan: Inside Lundberg Studios.


From grand, colorful vases that beautify our home to perfunctory paperweights that keep our lives in order - glass is all around us. But how is it made? How is glass twisted and twirled into a myriad different shapes and colors? Is it magic?

In short, no, but it is most certainly art. Deep in the heart of California, the talented team at Lundberg Studios is transforming and pushing the boundaries of what glass can look like. Founded by the late James Lundberg in 1970, the work coming from the esteemed studio is featured prominently in collections and museums all over the world.  Considering the artisans’ unparalleled knowledge of the glass making process, we decided to take a peek inside their studio to see just what goes into crafting everything from lamp shades to dishes and sculptures.

lulndberg studios

The process begins with intent. Lundberg Studio’s artists, all of whom have been with the company for over twenty years, participate in a design process that results in everything from zebra stripes to finishes reminiscent of sunsets. After collecting very hot liquid glass, the artists must turn the blowpipe evenly so that the glass doesn’t drip off as they start crafting a shape.


The artists work deftly and quickly, applying different colors and patterns, all of which are created and melted on site.


Once the piece is shaped and the delicate details and colors applied, the newly-formed art object is cooled in another furnace at an even temperature, eliminating stress cracks and fractures.


Finished to perfection, the piece is now ready to be sent out into the world. We don’t know about you, but to us that’s a lot more magical than any old card trick.


(Shop The Artisan: Lundberg Studios on MYHABIT. Side note: How amazing is the snapshot of Lundberg’s team of artisans from back in the day?)

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