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Purseblog On The Summer Satchel


With any change in season comes the requisite change in wardrobe, and just because handbags don’t provide added warmth for the winter chill or extra ventilation for the summer swelter doesn’t mean that they don’t have their own uniquely seasonal aspects. Now that the unofficial start of summer has come and gone, it’s time to stop procrastinating your handbag switch-over, pick a new everyday bag for the season and step into summer with your bag game all wrapped up. Lucky for you, we have some styling tips from the Purseblog on how to make that process as easy as possible, from picking the perfect new bag to getting yourself organized.


First, look for a bag that’s hands-free. Whether that means a hobo, a crossbody or a shoulder tote will depend on your personal tastes, but look for something that’s relatively small and that doesn’t require much effort to carry. No one wants to be lugging around a bunch of extra weight in the heat, and choosing a bag that won’t fit much more than your everyday essentials also promotes organization. Couldn’t we all stand to be a little more organized? A little wiggle room to throw in a paperback book or a light sweater for the indoor air conditioning chill is fine, but be honest with yourself about what you should be carrying and what is dead weight, and then choose a bag accordingly. When it’s 95 degrees outside and you have to schlep the thing around, you’ll thank me for that advice. Odds are, the difference between what you currently carry and what you actually need is significant.

Second, everyone’s style will vary, but summer is a great opportunity to shake up your color comfort zone by way of accessories. If you’d normally choose a black or tan bag, try something in green or purple; you’ll find that it’s just as easy to pair those options with your wardrobe because the vast majority of people wear clothes that are neutral. So many women express trepidation when it comes to colorful bags, but there’s really nothing to fear, and summer provides the best selection of brights that you’ll find all year.

After you’ve selected your bag, making the switch from your winter purse is a great time to step up our organizational game. If you’re the kind of person who tends to throw random things into her bag, never to be seen again, think about getting a larger wallet that can hold receipts, or perhaps even a separate zipper pouch that can hold items of a variety of sizes. That way, when it comes time to look for something (or time to switch your bag again at the end of the summer), instead of sorting through a bunch of stray stuff, it’s all easily contained in one spot.

Just remember: Changing your trusted everyday bag can be both a sartorial and organizational hassle, but it doesn’t have to be.

(Head to PurseBlog for bag-shopping tips galore, and then shop these happy, summer-perfect bags by Gryson and Nanette Lepore.)


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