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Bachelor Pad Ideas


The bachelor pad is going through a bit of a rethink: It’s no longer just a place to crash, but also a space in which to luxuriate, relax and entertain. The single guy is enjoying the process of making the home reflect his personality, interests and tastes. And while individuality remains at the core of a man’s design ethos, here are a few must-haves that should be on every guy’s list:

At the apartments of my single male friends, fridges and cupboards often remain bare. While guys seem ready to outfit their places with gadgets and toys, the kitchen is often void of proper bachelor staples aside from a smattering of take-out boxes. In addition to coffee and some nice olive oil, make sure to maintain proper stock of eggs, bacon, OJ, chilled champagne, blocks of good cheese and pasta. I’m amazed at the culinary feats I’ve witnessed come from just these few kitchen must-haves.

Good sound makes all the difference when hosting before-dinner cocktails at your place. Integrated into home-entertainment systems, quality speakers are vital for watching the game with the boys and quiet intimate movie nights.

Art is really about the viewer, so figure out what artistic style moves you. When it comes to purchasing art, remember you will be the one looking at it day in and day out. Whether by a local emerging artist or world-famous master, large statement pieces can singularly cover up that wide expanse of white wall that can often make even the smallest of apartments feel stark.

Furthering this notion of making the home an expression of individuality, framed photos are a literal reflection of uniqueness and history. In addition to their storytelling quality, they also make a place homey and inviting. While it may be prudent to avoid showcasing the fraternity days, a nostalgic mix of candid family shots and more recent photos give guests something to look at while you’re in the other room opening that bottle of wine. Go for a mix of tabletop and wall frames in a mix of different sizes, shapes, colors and materials.

Fine bed linens go a long way toward achieving a good night sleep. And while the bedding market can be confusing with king-sized sheets ranging from below $100 to over $1000, many options will provide that REM rest that can be elusive due to busy schedules. Whatever your price-point, natural fabrics like crisp cotton and relaxed linen are vital.

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