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Writer Aimee Blaut peeks inside the medicine cabinets of influencers and reviews the best products on the market for her beauty site, The Formula. She is known for her behind the scenes photographs at runway shows like Balmain and Burberry. She splits her time between Europe and New York seeing the best of both sides of the Atlantic and snapping pictures along the way. She has been featured on Refinery29, ELLE France, The New York Times and has recently collaborated with The Four Seasons and July 2013, Aimee was featured as one of StyleCaster's top 50 beauty blogs and is currently a nominee in the best beauty blog category at the Beauty2.0 Awards in Paris.

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Amber Katz is a freelance writer and the founder of Rouge18, a pop-culture infused beauty blog that covers everything from eye shadow to hairspray to butt slimmers. Amber has written for NYLON, Cosmopolitan, New York Press, Girlfriend Getaways,, MTV Buzzworthy, and

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Antonia Blyth is a freelance writer living in LA. A native Brit, her London years were spent writing for InStyle, Elle and Marie Claire. Now when she's not writing or reporting from the Hollywood red carpet, she's obsessively curating her closet and snapping photographs of her favorite local bands.

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Carol Han is the creator of Milk & Mode, a lifestyle destination and personal style blog. Combining outfit posts, adapted and original recipes and beautiful lifestyle photography, Milk and Mode is an homage to two of life’s most important necessities and consuming passions: food and clothing.

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Carrie joined the MyHabit team in 2015 as Associate Editor, after stints in social media strategy and content, advertising, and fashion editorial. Originally from California, she arrived in NYC by way of New Orleans, and every winter, she questions that choice. She lives in Chinatown, and likes good books, Mexican food, and old man music from the 1970s.

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Cassandra LaValle is the founder of coco+kelley, a home and lifestyle blog that shares stunning interiors, brilliant fashion, inspired tabletops and original color palettes. Expanding upon her talent for styling and branding, Cassandra also launched the lifestyle company coco+kelley in October 2008. Her desire to guide clients in discovering their personal style as a part of the design process is the essence of the coco+kelley philosophy: Life is in the details. Style accordingly.

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Eben Nicastro is a menswear and textile consultant living in New York City. After years forecasting fashion trends for the cotton industry and traveling the world to meet with major apparel labels and global retailers, he started his own consultancy, Eben Nicastro Inc. An avid writer whose work appears on various fashion trade websites, Eben also enjoys creating, developing and working on a growing list of fashion blogs.

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 A native of New York City, Eva Chen graduated from Johns Hopkins University and attended Columbia University for her master’s degree in Journalism before launching a career in magazines (think Teen Vogue, Lucky). What she didn’t learn in school, however, she learned online. To date, she has over one and a half million followers across her social media platforms, from Instagram and Twitter to Google+ and—her latest obsession—Viddy.

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Karl-Edwin, known as “Guerre”, is the founder of Guerreisms, a street style blog specializing in menswear. Guerreisms has been featured by Vogue Italia and GQ.

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Isaac Hindin-Miller is a tv presenter, fashion writer, anecdotalist, relationship enthusiast, karaoke all-star, Gemini, expat Kiwi, enabler, walking contradiction, shameless self-promoter and stone cold East Coast thug. Visit his blog at

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Jamie Beck is a photographer and co-creator of the Cinemagraph in New York City. She aims to capture life’s fleeting moments so that she may inspire others to seek everyday beauty in their lives. From backstage at New York Fashion Week to photo shoots in sweeping verandas, Beck blogs at From Me To You.

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Justin is a creative consultant and freelance writer with a focus on menswear and home interiors. His passion for style was born in Mississippi and bred in New York City, where he currently resides. Justin spends his days scouting out new discoveries for readers of his lifestyle blog, Scout Sixteen. He has three main loves: whiskey, good times, and french bulldogs.

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With her admirable shoe collection and affinity for vintage jewelry, Karla Deras of Karlaʼs Closet combines classic elegance with tomboy-ish charm to create a sense of style that is all her  own. Karlaʼs Closet has capitalized on her love of fashion and photography to create a blog that attracts fashionistas from all over the world.

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Few personal style bloggers exhibit quite the warmth and whimsy as Keiko Lynn Groves. The author of her popular eponymous blog, Keiko lives in Brooklyn, New York where she also designs a line of independent clothing, Postlapsaria.

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Kelly Framel is a stylist and blogger living in New York City. She got her start as an eveningwear designer for Naeem Khan and has since collaborated with dozens of brands from Dolce & Gabbana to Juicy Couture. On her blog, The Glamourai, Framel shares her stylish discoveries with the world, aiming to inspire others to genuinely have fun with fashion.

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Lindsay Luv is a beloved DJ with an avid following in the US and international market. Born on the east coast, Luv made a name for herself by spinning the hottest nightclubs, private events, and celebrity parties in NYC before relocating to Los Angeles and becoming one of the most sought-after names across the industry and among the celebrity stacked Hollywood crowd. Lindsay Luv is favored in fashion circles for her style and flair… able to wear editorial designs while perfectly syncing the tunes to the occasion.

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Liz Cherkasova is a personal style blogger best known for her bohemian, ‘70s-inspired interpretations of modern trends. She chronicles her daily outfits and adventures on Late Afternoon.

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The founder of one of the most trafficked handbag websites in the world, Meaghan Mahoney Dusil has turned a serious purse addiction into a flourishing career. Along with her husband Vlad Dusil, the New York City-based couple runs the and the Purseforum, connecting with thousands of bag-obsessed women on a daily basis.

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Megan’s first experiences with men’s clothing came early, as the begrudging recipient of her older brother’s hand-me-downs. Eventually, she created Style Girlfriend, the only style destination of its kind for real guys seeking real advice from a friendly, female perspective, in 2009.

As the face of Style Girlfriend, Megan’s signature girl-next-door approach has captured the enthusiasm of thousands of grateful readers, as well as brands like H&M, Visa, NFL, Rogaine, and eBay, Megan also appears regularly in fashion, menswear, and lifestyle publications and websites including GQ, Esquire, Lucky, Metro, Huffington Post, and Men’s Health.

Most significantly, Megan has developed a powerful rapport with an ever-growing audience of millennial men who value her opinion, trust her recommendations, and look forward to connecting daily with Megan, her contributors, and each other. These conversations not only include discussions and advice about personal style, but the stereotypes and gendered assumptions that so often keep men from feeling comfortable experimenting with their style.

Originally from Wisconsin, Megan now resides happily in Brooklyn.

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Nadia Sarwar, aka FrouFrouu, is a personal style blogger and photographer from the UK and based in New York. Her blog is an amalgam of daily outfit posts and visual inspiration.

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Natalie Suarez is Natalie Off Duty. The model-gone-blogger uses her love for fashion and style to express herself by mixing unique vintage pieces with designer finds, giving her a look that is all her own. Another love of hers is music; she sings and plays the piano and guitar.

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As the editor of theFIX, Nicole Boucher brings with her a range of experience garnered from years in fashion editorial at Glamour, Lucky, Stylecaster and other publications, and in public relations and brand consulting at contemporary label Thread Social. Nicole lives in NYC’s East Village with her husband Brian.

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Ranya Barrett is a writer/editor and media consultant with over ten years’ experience in the industry. She has written and edited for Glamour Magazine,, Highlights Magazine, Scholastic Books, and most recently, was the Content Director at CA Creative, an NYC-based digital media agency. Ranya holds a BFA in theatre from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, a degree she puts to use on a daily basis entertaining her two young sons.

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Teri Lyn Fisher and Jenny Park launched food blog Spoon Fork Bacon in August 2011 with the goal of showcasing original, delicious recipes and stunning food photography. The duo’s recipes are never adapted, and always come directly from their own kitchen.

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