Jennifer Dixon, Co-Founder, Hunter Dixon

Southern belles are known for a few things. Grace. Charm. Impeccable style. And, perhaps most importantly, unshakable gumption. Hunter Dixon’s co-founders Hunter Bell and Jennifer Dixon are perfect examples of that Southern moxie. Living together in New York City, the two fashionistas dreamed of someday launching a clothing collection, with Bell as the designer and Dixon managing the business. And that is precisely what they did: After spending business hours at their respective 9-to-5 desk jobs, the two would work hard in the off-hours, designing feminine silhouettes and pitching the line to investors and retailers. That determination paid off, and, since 2009, Hunter Dixon has been giving the style status quo a very pretty makeover.

We recently chatted with Dixon (at right in picture) about some of the habits that got her where she is today. Read on to find out her thoughts on dressing for style, shopping for lingerie and more.

What’s the one habit you have that changed your life for the better?
I stopped trying to please everyone and worrying about what others think of me.

What’s the one habit you have that’s not so great?
Sometimes I bite my nails. Eek!

What’s your naughtiest habit?
I love shopping for lingerie.

What’s your secret (or not-so) style habit?
I like to wear clothes, not be worn by clothes -  although it is great to take fashion risks.

What’s a habit you wish you had?
I often wish I was a morning person! I am an incurable night owl.

What three habits should every woman adopt?
Always be kind and polite to all, and treat everyone with equal respect.

Always continue to learn, and never lose curiosity.

Treat your body, soul and mind with utmost respect and guard these gifts with your life!

What three habits should every woman break?
Dressing for comfort versus dressing for style and sex appeal.  When you walk out the door, why not feel your absolute best? Not that every day you must be “dressed to the nines”, but it is a great habit to put your best foot forward.

Not putting your health first. Spend more money on food that nourishes your body. Hire a trainer if it means you might work out.  This is your life.

Getting stuck in a rut. Don’t be afraid to try new things!

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