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Luxury Bags Are The New Retirement Fund (At Least According to Bag Snob)

After graduating from USC in the nineties, I dabbled in finance—day trading, to be exact—while working as a VJ in Asia, and became obsessed with finding that surefire blue chip stock to keep in my portfolio until I retired. Thinking I had finally found the one, I emptied all my savings into it, but then, when the stocks plummeted, got scared and sold low. (If there… read more »

NYC Fashion Week Inspiration, VOGUE Turns 120 & Other Style Habits From 'Round the Web

Every day our New York-based editorial team has a long and painful wait between our arrival to work at 9 am and the giddy noon-o’clock launch of our daily events. How’s an editor to cope? Surfing the web for stylish habits, interesting tidbits, cute cat pictures and random words of wisdom, of course. What we’re digging this week:

In honor of NYC fashion week:… read more »

Purseblog On The Summer Satchel

With any change in season comes the requisite change in wardrobe, and just because handbags don’t provide added warmth for the winter chill or extra ventilation for the summer swelter doesn’t mean that they don’t have their own uniquely seasonal aspects. Now that the unofficial start of summer has come and gone, it’s time to stop procrastinating your handbag… read more »

Purseblog's High-Low Approach To Handbags: From Evening Bags to Totes

Building a great handbag wardrobe is hard for a few reasons. Not only does it require you to refine and understand your own personal style in order to maximize your the purchases you make, but it can also cost quite a bit of money. Even though we tend to cover the more expensive end of the price spectrum at Purseblog, I have a great deal of respect for good design,… read more »

Purseblog: Chanel Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

You know that intense feeling of longing for something? I feel it every single time I hear the word Chanel. Unlike many other brands, the house of Chanel is not only iconic but also truly timeless. There are few other bags that can be carried year in and year out, season after season. Chanel, though, has knack for giving its handbags the type of grace that can’t be… read more »

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