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It's The Little Things: Milk & Mode's Carol Han On The Perfect Final Touches For Entertaining.

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Ed. note: While we're all for an inspired entertaining how-to (see here, and here, oh, and here), when it comes to Thanksgiving, why reinvent the wheel? Contributor Carol Han of Milk and Mode drummed up this sharp list of little details that'll take your get-together from basic to brilliant a few years ago, so we're bringing it back front… read more »

Montauk Beaches & At-Home Yoga: Five Reasons Carol Han Loves A Summer Saturday.

Now that summer is thisclose to being official, I've jumped the gun as I do every year, aggressively shoving any item of clothing containing wool into storage, taking a Memorial Day polar bear dive into the ocean, and getting supremely lazy with my cooking. Cooking turns into something that looks suspiciously like assembly right around mid-May. It's also the time… read more »

Food Blog Deliciousness: The Spring Lunch, Courtesy of Canal House.

As a food blogger and avid home cook, I’ve admired the Canal House ladies from afar for years, devotedly collecting all of their cookbooks and reading every word of their warmly written recipes and forewards. And by “admired” I mean something just a whisper shy of straight-up idolatry. Anyone who is remotely into food will tell you that Melissa Hamilton and… read more »

Spring Fashion, As Eagerly Anticipated by Milk & Mode’s Carol Han.

Even though it’s snowing here in Manhattan, my mind is firmly planted in spring. Once March hits, no matter the weather, all I can focus on are open-toed shoes, crisp white ensembles, and my next beach weekend, even if said weekend is three months away (pesky details). And it’s pretty much a guarantee that the second March 20th hits (the official first day of… read more »

Holiday Traditions: Christmas Cookies with Carol Han of Milk & Mode

Ever since I can remember, the days leading up to Christmas have been spent in the kitchen baking and decorating batch after batch of cookies. It’s always a mixture of sugar cookies, fudge cookies, and chocolate chip cookies dotted with red and green M&M’s. As they come out of the oven, they’re cooled and then boxed up in little plain white boxes tied with festive… read more »

Five Cold Weather Wardrobe Essentials, According to Milk & Mode's Carol Han

Here in New York, the temperature has recently done a sudden turn from fall’s golden days, and is now veering dangerously close to heavy-down-parka weather. As a former West Coaster, this is the kind of thing that still manages to shock me every single time. Thoughts like “Wait, winter’s really coming again?” and “But fall’s only been happening for like two days!”… read more »

A Delicious Mushroom Pasta Recipe from Carol Han of Milk & Mode

Knowing how to cook is an invaluable skill that will take you far. It’ll comfort the friend who’s going through a tough time, it’ll bring your loved ones to your dinner table, it’ll make a sick family member feel better, and hit upon the right steak recipe, it’ll garner you more marriage proposals than you know what to do with. (I kid, I kid. But anything’s… read more »

Dinner Party Ideas, Plus What to Wear as Hostess

You wouldn’t normally think of fashion and food as likely bedfellows, but they’ve got more in common than you’d think. Believe me, I’ve created an entire blog out of the combination. Fashion and food share lots of common threads—taste, aesthetic presentation, sensuality, and an ability to appreciate an especially finely crafted object when you see… read more »

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