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Denim Trend To Try, Late August Edition: The (New) Boyfriend Jean.

The Style: The new boyfriend jean.

Denim Trends: MyHabit Buyer Jennifer On The 6 Things You Need To Know In 2014.

If ever anyone at the office has a question about denim, we send them Jen's way. Here, her denim picks for 2014.

Denim Trends: Winter Whites. (Or: How To Wear White Jeans In Winter.)

The Style: Winter white denim.

The How-To: MyHabit Buyer Jennifer On How To Wear Denim To The Office.

Jeans: No longer just for casual Fridays. Here, a few pointers on how to rock those baby blues at the office, courtesy of our ever-knowledgeable denim buyer Jennifer.

Snapped on the Street: Brian Neaman in Stitch’s Jeans.

Trust us when we say that Brian Neaman is a true guy’s guy. And what we mean by this is that he may not know his Thom Browne from his Tom Ford, but he does know his denim. It is, after all, what he wears day in and day out. Here, the film editor-cum-director on life in NYC and dressing for power meetings.

Denim, Perfected: Karla of Karla's Closet Knows How To Nail A Skinny Jean.

I feel like I'm always on an endless hunt for that perfect pair of jeans; that 'holy grail' pair that can be worn to the grocery store, but also to a fancy dinner date. In my opinion, skinnies should be slightly cropped, snug around the ankles, and elongate the leg. This pair of skinny jeans by BlankNYC definitely meets the requirements and look so good with my… read more »

Snapped in the Street: MyHabit Buyer Karan in Agave Denim.

We’re of the mind that we should probably just photograph MyHabit Senior Buyer Karan in any of the clothes he buys for the site and call it a day, as the clothes will no doubt proceed to sell themselves. Proof? This photograph of Karan right here, snapped between showroom appointments and showing how easy it is to wear jeans in a way that appear both sharp and… read more »

Behind the Scenes: On Set Shooting the Denim Shop Lookbook.

The month of August means many things to many people, but, to us at MyHabit, it means the launch of one of our biggest annual campaigns: Denim. And, since our editorial and buying teams spend all of June and July prepping for said campaign, we consider ourselves fairly clued in on what is fresh and new in the world of denim by the time August does roll around.… read more »

Snapped On the Street: Emmett Shine of Gin Lane Media in James Jeans.

Street style: It's a phrase that gets thrown around a lot, but we can't help but think its original meaning was intended to describe the style of someone like Emmett Shine. Indeed, the subject of today's launch of The Denim Shop rocks a hoodie and sneakers like no other. Here, Shine, founder of downtown creative agency Gin Lane Media, shares a sneak peek into his… read more »

Snapped on the Street: Gregory of Gregorys Coffee in Earnest Sewn.

Gentlemen: Wearing jeans should be easy, right? A no-brainer? Agreed. We recruited real guys to show us how they wear denim day in and day out. And then we asked them a few choice questions about themselves, because, while they are real guys, they also happen to have really cool jobs. First up? The purveyor of one of the strongest (and most delicious) cups of joe… read more »

Pinned: Skinny Jeans, Boyfriend Jeans & Other Denim Trends We're Loving Right Now.

Denim: A perennial favorite that never gets old. In fact, life wouldn’t really be complete without those trusty blues. So, naturally, we’ve allowed our denim obsession to reach well beyond our closets to the wonderful world of Pinterest. Here, in anticipation of our Denim Shop events launching over the next couple of weeks, a few classic denim trends we’re loving… read more »

Denim Trends: DL1961’s Creative Director on The Jeans We’ll be Wearing This Fall.

It is July 26, y’all. This means a couple of things: 1. That it is officially mid-summer, and 2. That we at MyHabit are officially focused on all things fall. And we truly hate to tell you this, but you should maybe start thinking about it, too. At least for the sake of your wardrobe. To give you a nudge in the right direction, we’ll start with denim trends.… read more »

Denim Trend: Cut-Off Shorts. (Or: How To Wear An American Classic.)

The Style: Denim cut-off shorts.

‘90s Jeans Trends - On Giving Those Ripped Skinnies & Boyfriend Styles A(nother) Whirl.

The Style: ‘90s denim, in all its ripped and faded glory.

Denim Trends: Women’s Shorts, Colored. (And How to Wear Them.)

Say hello to summer’s colored jean counterpart: The bright, not-so-basic short. We at MyHabit love nothing more than switching out our everyday blues for some pastels, some florals, some whites, and will be doing just that with our shorts come summer.

Denim Trends: Pastel Jeans. (Obsessed.)

The Style: Pastel denim.

Denim Trends: The Light Jean.

The Style: Light denim.

The Why: Pale jeans are a fresh, wearable alternative to classic indigo.

How To Wear: Look for jeans that have an overall faded look, instead of patchy washed out areas. You want to avoid lighter spots that could make areas like the hips, thighs, or butt appear bigger. Pair with darker pieces like a black tee, dark indigo denim shirt… read more »

Styling Tips: Coated Denim 101.

Coated jeans: I’m a fan. Super sexy, surprisingly wearable, and just a tad more special than those plain old blue jeans. I own them in solid colors as well as in a metallic silver, and love that they look like leather pants without the price tag. I pair them with a blazer and wear them to the office for day, then add heels for a night. One thing to note is that… read more »

Denim Trends: The Corduroy.

The corduroy, that perennial staple hailing from our childhood, is back once again, folks. Just in time, too, as cords provide the comfort, warmth and, of course, style so many of us are desperate for come January. We are obsessed with how surprisingly versatile they are, too, feeling just as fresh paired with a tucked-in buttondown or a blazer at the office as… read more »

The How-To: New Year’s Eve Denim.

You could rock a sexy dress for New Year’s, but maybe you are more of a jeans and tee kind of gal. (Like, ahem, me.) If so, a few tips to keep in mind when getting dressed for the big night.

The Fit: It’s important to find the right pair of jeans for your body shape and style. The styles to shop for this holiday season are the skinny, the legging, the… read more »

The How-To: Buying Jeans Online.

Oh, Cyber Monday. An online extravaganza of shopping, discounts and deals. A perfect excuse for catching up on holiday shopping, and for picking up a thing or two for your wardrobe, without ever leaving your desk. On my to-buy list this afternoon? A pair of dressed-up jeans that will take me from desk to dinner all December long. Yes, I buy my jeans online, and… read more »

Denim Trends We Are Thankful For: The Black Jean (AKA: The Holiday Essential.)

Black jeans may be a wardrobe staple year round, but, come the holiday season, they become a flat-out necessity. (For us, anyway.) You can wear ‘em casually to the office with a pair of flats, and then throw on a pair of heels and be ready for that party after work. And there are so many types of black jeans to choose from these days: Basic black, coated, with… read more »

The How-To: Pairing Jeans & Boots.

Fall is here, winter is coming: It’s officially time to break out our favorite boots. Here, my recommendations for how best to style your jeans with boots. (Hint: You can’t go wrong with a skinny style.)

Ankle Boots Wear this season’s It Boot with a cropped jean, or a skinny style with a more tapered ankle. For a laid back but chic look, try loosely cuffing… read more »

MYHABIT Buyer Diary: A Day At The Shows.

Trade shows, that is. Trade shows put buyers and designers in the same room (or, more accurately, convention center). Here, our denim buyer Jennifer gives an hour-by-hour account of what, exactly, happens at one of these. Hint: A lot.

6:30 am Awake, rise and prep for the day: Yoga stretches and meditation in the room.

7:00 am H2O and coffee. As a return buyer for… read more »

Rich & Skinny Colored Denim: Must Buy(s) of the Day

...because as much as I live in my beloved blues, I am ready for a fresh take on denim for fall. And this colored denim, this gloriously printed colored denim, is just the ticket. I just know that these teal python-print skinnies will take my blazer-and-jeans combo to the next level at the office, and I firmly believe that the croc print in rust will be my… read more »

Menswear Trends: Five Fall Essentials

The clothes, as they say, make the man. This fall, menswear trends reinterpret classic masculine fabrics like flannel, corduroy and tweed into modern trousers, jackets and accessories. Chunky wool is back for crewneck and cardigan sweaters. Mirroring the seasonal change, brooding hues of olive, burgundy, indigo, tan and brown offer refreshing contrast from summer’s… read more »

Men's Denim Trends for Fall

Early in the morning, just as the sun rises, a quiet breeze with a subtle bite eases over East Coast seaside towns. Although it quickly gives in to high summer’s penetrating rays, it is nonetheless a hint of the coming harvest season.

In little over a month, summer shorts and swim trunks will be packed away, making room for fall’s fresh denim styles. Conjuring… read more »

Behind the Scenes: The Denim Shoot

As one might suspect, it takes a lot of work to orchestrate the denim fashion events we do over at MYHABIT. Case in point? The Denim Shop. From the initial brainstorming process to the final shoot day, our various teams (design, editorial, buying) are in constant contact with one another, trying to pull off some version of the vision in our heads. And it is such a… read more »

Denim Trends & Styling Tips From the Duo Behind WhoWhatWear

There isn’t a single editor or buyer at MYHABIT who doesn’t count WhoWhatWear as one of their go-to style resources, and to say we are thrilled to team up with the addictive online fashion magazine for The Denim Shop (launching today) is a wee bit of an understatement. And so, ever the opportunists, we decided to grill the founders, Hillary Kerr and Katherine… read more »

DIY Fashion: Cutoff Shorts

Is there a staple in your closet more beloved than those cutoffs you made from an old pair of jeans years ago, and have worn faithfully summer after summer since? Thought not. And so, in the spirit of ensuring everybody has at least one such pair of shorts in their arsenal, we enlisted designer David Mathey of MYHABIT denim favorite Rockstar to give us a few… read more »

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