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From The New Sugar & Spice: How To Really Win At Holiday Baking, One Decadent Dessert At A Time.


If there’s one thing there’s no shortage of come the holidays, it’s desserts. Pies, cakes, tarts, and the likes are present at every holiday party, every holiday meal, every holiday office mixer…you get the picture.

This year, we decided to truly own holiday baking, perfecting our favorite sweets in advance of the season’s festivities (annual cookieread more »

What's For Dinner: I Am A Food Blog On Spaghetti, Three Ways.


When temperatures drop and the air has that crisp, fall feel to it, is there anything better than sitting down to a big, warm, comforting bowl of spaghetti? We think not.

And because spaghetti is one of those dishes we never tire of, we’re sharing three easy variations on the classic, all brought to you by Stephanie Le of I am a Food Blog (whose cookbook, read more »

A Perfect Picnic Recipe: Spoon Fork Bacon's Hawaiian Style Macaroni Salad.

We’re getting really pumped for summer to arrive, because it means we get to break out our grills and picnic baskets and head to the beach or park for full days of R&R with great friends and family, great music, and lots of delicious food. We love great picnic recipes, and always try to think about delicious dishes that are great for warm weather, but that will… read more »

Food Blog Deliciousness: Spoon Fork Bacon’s Elote Fritters.

With Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner, we’re so excited to share this fun and delicious recipe for elote fritters. Are you all familiar with the popular roasted Mexican street corn on a stick? It’s slathered in mayo, seasoning, crumbled queso fresco or cotija with a fresh squeeze of lime juice. Basically it’s corn on the cob on steroids and it’s totally… read more »

Earth Day: Milk & Mode’s Carol Han On Living the Green Life.

Spring is my most favorite season for so many reasons—people are shedding heavy layers, cleaning and refreshing their homes, spending more time out and about, hitting the farmers’ markets for new spring produce, and eating lighter. In short, everything is coming back to life. It’s no wonder that Earth Day falls towards the end of April—there’s no better month to… read more »

Food Blog Deliciousness: The Spring Lunch, Courtesy of Canal House.

As a food blogger and avid home cook, I’ve admired the Canal House ladies from afar for years, devotedly collecting all of their cookbooks and reading every word of their warmly written recipes and forewards. And by “admired” I mean something just a whisper shy of straight-up idolatry. Anyone who is remotely into food will tell you that Melissa Hamilton and… read more »

Food Blog Deliciousness: A Cocktail To Kickoff Spring From Spoon Fork Bacon.

Today is the first day of spring, and to celebrate, we thought we would kick off the new season with a cocktail: This great Grapefruit and Mint Refresher. It’s perfectly balanced flavors of grapefruit and mint make this drink perfect for brunch, or a little something in the afternoon to take the edge off. Our favorite part of this drink is the beautiful pink color.… read more »

Food Blog Deliciousness, Mardi Gras Edition: Spoon Fork Bacon’s Cajun-Style Jambalaya.

Happy Mardi Gras! To celebrate, we have a really great dish to share with you all: A one pot Cajun-style Jambalaya. It’s very similar to paella, but so much easier. This is a whole meal in itself, and it only uses one pot! (You can’t beat that!) We used crushed tomatoes, but feel free to use any variety of canned tomatoes (except paste) that you have. We love the… read more »

The RePost: Milk & Mode’s Carol Han On Throwing That Super Bowl Party.

Ed. Note: In anticipation of tomorrow's festivities, we found ourselves referring back to this spot-on hosting how-to we ran this time last year from FIX contributor Carol Han, and thought worth a quick re-post, as everything listed here will make that gathering, big or small, an easy-breezy success. Especially those wings.

Serena Bass’s Pasta Arrabiatta (And A Few Cooking Tips, Too).

We’re not sure there is a more perfect dish for dinner in the cold of winter than this wonderfully spicy Pasta Arrabiatta, as whipped up by our lovely curator Serena Bass. Here, how to make it (ten minutes!) and a few tips on cooking in general.

The Tips
- Read the recipe all the way through. Get all of your ingredients and equipment ready. This way you know… read more »

The New Year’s Eve Party: Easy (and Chic) Last Minute Ideas From Milk & Mode’s Carol Han

Hosting a New Year’s Eve party has developed a bad rap over the years—everyone’s expectations for the night are sky high, so the pressure’s really on for the hostess. But, personally, I love a good challenge, and you can take comfort in the fact that this is an ages-old problem. Literally. The celebration of the New Year is one of the world’s oldest… read more »

Food Blog Deliciousness: Spoon Fork Bacon's Ham & Chive Fritters.

Oh, the holidays. That time of year when everyone does a crazy amount of entertaining. One of the hardest things about having people over is figuring out what to serve. It has to be foolproof, easy and crowd-pleasing. We have a really yummy solution for you: Ham & Chive Fritters. These little nuggets are filled with delicious chunks of ham. Crispy on the outside,… read more »

Food Blog Deliciousness: Spoon Fork Bacon's Spiced Butternut Squash Pie

Hi Guys! We’re so excited to share this fun recipe with you. We’ve taken one of everyone’s favorite holiday pies, pumpkin, and given it a fun twist. In our version, we’ve replaced the pumpkin with butternut squash! You can either roast or steam the squash before pureeing it smooth, and transforming it into this delicious pie! It has the same texture as pumpkin pie… read more »

Bon Appétit Editors' Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes.

Talk about a treat, folks: In honor of the Bon Appétit curated event launching today on MYHABIT, the editors over at the foodie magazine share their favorite Thanksgiving dishes.

“When I was a little girl, my mom imparted her joy of baking by letting me help with my grandmother’s pumpkin pie. It’s the perfect starter recipe: Just… read more »

Food Blog Deliciousness: Sweet Pumpkin Quesadillas, Courtesy of weelicious.

Ed. Note: ‘Tis certainly the season for all things pumpkin, and, in honor of this seasonal go-to, we enlisted Catherine McCord, prolific home cook and founder of family friendly website-turned-cookbook weelicious, to whip up a recipe just for us. The result? An unconventional and absolutely fantastic-looking savory snack, one that we will surely be giving a go over… read more »

Labor Day Celebrations: Achiote Grilled Fish Tacos from Spoon Fork Bacon

Hey guys! It’s almost Labor Day and we’re back at theFix with our Achiote Grilled Fish Tacos! These tacos are super tasty and filling, but won’t leave you feeling sluggish and gross! They’re perfect for Labor Day celebrations with friends and family. The mahi-mahi is marinated in a simple achiote rub and grilled for just a few minutes so the fish stays nice and… read more »

Easy Summer Salad Recipes from Spoon Fork Bacon

In honor of Starter Home Week, voila: Some summer-perfect recipes from the folks over at one of our favorite foodie blogs, Spoon Fork Bacon, just for you:

Hi Guys! When the lovely people at The FIX asked us for some summer recipe ideas the first thing we thought of were salads! Sometimes it’s too hot to eat crazy heavy meals, and we prefer to keep it light.… read more »

Carrie's House: Planting for Pie

This past March, Chicago was hit with approximately three weeks of unseasonably warm weather. Mother Nature is a moody mistress, and this kind of temperamental display is a gardener’s nightmare. A premature thaw followed by a frost is enough to kill a summer harvest, and I was disappointed to discover that the negative effects of the heat wave were severe. Chicago… read more »

Dinner Party Ideas, Plus What to Wear as Hostess

You wouldn’t normally think of fashion and food as likely bedfellows, but they’ve got more in common than you’d think. Believe me, I’ve created an entire blog out of the combination. Fashion and food share lots of common threads—taste, aesthetic presentation, sensuality, and an ability to appreciate an especially finely crafted object when you see… read more »

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