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Mastering Past Modern: Designer Anna Burke Shares 3 Tips For Nailing The Buzzy New Trend.

Classic bust: Check. Quirky terrariums: Check. A touch of greenery: Check. (Nailed it.)

What comes around goes around. This can most definitely be said of home décor. Our current obsession, which also happens to be the trend du jour, is anything past modern. You know, the whole “something old, something borrowed, something new” idea, except with home… read more »

Supercharge Your Style: 8 Tips From The Brilliant Design Team At Apartment Therapy.

“A complete and happy home is so much more than a series of pretty rooms.” Truer words were never spoken. Thanks to the incredibly talented team over at Apartment Therapy (you know, the mega resource for all things home and lifestyle), we’re kick-starting the new year with newfound energy for our living spaces. When January 1 rolls around every year we vow to… read more »

Get Cozy (In Style): Design Expert Anna Burke's Stunning Mantle Decorating Ideas.

Image via Pinterest.

We’re lucky to have some seriously cool friends. And by cool, we mean those who know how to spruce up their homes effortlessly, put together a seasonal menu without batting an eye, and fix a mean cocktail like nobody’s business.

On the cusp of holiday madness (as in, holiday party after holiday party after holiday party), we decided to… read more »

Hostess With The Most-Est: Emily Schuman Of Cupcakes & Cashmere On How To Set The Perfect Table.


Style maven and décor expert Emily Schuman of cult-status lifestyle blog Cupcakes & Cashmere is no stranger to hosting brunches, lunches, and dinners—sometimes with weeks in advance to prepare, other times with just a few hours’ notice. Whether it’s a casual chat and chew with close friends or an elaborate formal dinner party with extended family, Emily has… read more »

On Creating A Bohemian Paradise (At Home): 4 Tips From Interior Expert Justina Blakeney.


If you’re not familiar with the term “jungalow,” stop what you’re doing right now and Google it. Within seconds, you’ll be transported to an utterly amazing world of color, plants, and thrifting treasures, all curated by the queen of boho herself, Justina Blakeney. Needless to say, we’re completely obsessed with the designer and blogger’s laid-back style and… read more »

The How To: Resident Design Expert Anna Burke's Tips For Styling A Bookshelf.


We’ve been slowly but surely sprucing up our home thanks to design expert Anna Burke of Anna Burke Interiors (aka, she who makes everything chicer and more organized). Right now, we’re focusing on our bookshelf. It makes such a big statement when done well, but can be tricky to pull off without a styling strategy. Fret not, that’s where we (and by we, we mean… read more »

The Seasonal Refresh: 4 Home Décor Trends We’re Loving For Spring.

Every year when April rolls around, we find ourselves energized about refreshing and redecorating our home. First comes the dreaded-yet-simultaneously-beloved big spring clean, then basic seasonal reorganizing and sprucing up, and finally, the fun stuff: the décor revamp. Whether you want to go all out or simply swap in a few fresh pieces, we’ve got you covered.… read more »

The Guest-Ready Home: Anna Burke's Guest Bedroom Ideas, Tips & Tricks.

Here’s the scenario: It’s 6pm on a Friday in the middle of the holiday season. Your to-do list is enormous, but you’re craving a delicious cocktail, good music, and some quality R&R. Suddenly, you remember that your relatives are arriving THIS weekend. Cue the moment of “Are the guest room sheets clean, do I still own any board games, and is there something… read more »

'Tis (Almost) The Season: Holiday Décor Habits From Our Favorite Editors, Bloggers & Photographers.

It’s official: The holiday season is here. And while we still can't quite believe it's happening (wasn't it just summer?), we do love that it means our everyday is injected with a bit of cheer, starting with, of course, our homes. Wreaths, candles, the whole shebang. Before rolling up our sleeves and pulling out those twinkly lights, however, we decided to tap a… read more »

Fall Entertaining: Décor Expert Anna Burke On Gin Cocktails & Home-Cooked Meals.

She boasts a knack for finding one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, and gets paid regularly to do just that. Her work's been featured in Vogue. And in Elle. As such, we'll go ahead and assume interior decorator Anna Burke knows a thing or two about embracing fall in one's home. In honor of the first day of autumn (gah!), we asked the New Yorker to share the ways in… read more »

A Vivid Piece of Art by an Under-the-Radar Artist: Must Buy of the Day.

....because let’s be honest, decorating with color is tricky. Does this red go with that blue? Is this totally cool rug going to tie the room together or make everything look wonky? There are just way too many ways the whole scheme can go totally wrong. While Jay Z might be lusting after Picasso, baby, we’re craving this oil reproduction by American master Alfred… read more »

Styling Tips: The Duo Behind Meredith Wendell On Adding A Bit O’ Color In your home & closet.

1. Start an inspiration board. Print images you love and post on a bulletin board - if you see it every day on the wall, you won’t forget that cool new idea.

2. Go on a colorful vacation. I grew up close to the Greenbrier Hotel, which is full of color. I always leave with new ideas for my collection or our apartment.

Home Interior Ideas from the MYHABIT Studio: A Behind the Scenes Look

Allison Roberts is the styling director for the MYHABIT home department—and her job is not an easy one. I won’t bore you with the myriad of details why, but I will share that, despite the creative curve balls she fields on a daily basis, Allison continues to beautify the MYHABIT site, tackling challenge upon challenge with patience and a fresh but experienced eye.… read more »

Denim Street Style, Vintage VOGUE & More Habits 'Round The Web

Every day our New York-based editorial team has a long and painful wait between our arrival to work at 9 am and the giddy noon-o’clock launch of our daily events. How’s an editor to cope? Surfing the web for stylish habits, interesting tidbits, cute cat pictures and random words of wisdom, of course.

What we’re digging this week:

In honor of our upcoming… read more »

Bachelor Pad Ideas

The bachelor pad is going through a bit of a rethink: It’s no longer just a place to crash, but also a space in which to luxuriate, relax and entertain. The single guy is enjoying the process of making the home reflect his personality, interests and tastes. And while individuality remains at the core of a man’s design ethos, here are a few must-haves that should… read more »

Sneak Peek: Home Interior Ideas from the Starter Home Photo Contest.

Few things in life are more fascinating than getting a sneak peek into other people’s homes. And so, we’ve naturally had a blast perusing all the entries for our Starter Home Photo Contest, for which each entrant is asked to submit a photo of a favorite room in their home. To observe the varying aesthetics and unexpected decor touches and clever uses of space has… read more »

Decorating Your New Home: Five Easy Home Interior Ideas From Coco+Kelley

Moving into your first home can be such an exciting time, but also completely overwhelming! You’ve got a blank slate, and (most likely) a few old pieces to work with in your brand new space. It’s hard to know where to start! So, here are a few tips for you new home owners to keep in mind.

First off – there’s no real formula for putting together a room, so… read more »

We Visit The Stylish Digs Of MYHABIT's General Merchandise Manager

It only seems fitting to share these inspiring photos from Laura’s beautiful apartment renovation in New York City’s West Village on the same day we launch our Starter Home Contest.

Laura was one of the first of our team on the ground here in New York, and I remain in awe of her ability to manage building the business with finding, negotiating, closing and… read more »

This Moroccan Vase: Must-Buy of the Day

...because, in my apartment, I have an old, wooden end table upon which it shall perfectly perch. Because I have been trying to spend my money wisely lately, choosing décor items that are not only beautiful and well made, but that also mean something, that come from somewhere, and this vase fits that bill perfectly. The deep, sultry colors mirror those I imagine… read more »

A Delicious Mushroom Pasta Recipe from Carol Han of Milk & Mode

Knowing how to cook is an invaluable skill that will take you far. It’ll comfort the friend who’s going through a tough time, it’ll bring your loved ones to your dinner table, it’ll make a sick family member feel better, and hit upon the right steak recipe, it’ll garner you more marriage proposals than you know what to do with. (I kid, I kid. But anything’s… read more »

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