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Instagram-ed: Life at MYHABIT.

We’ll just come out and say it: We love Instagram. We love how everyday moments are made instantly dreamy and somehow important with the simple swipe of an iPhone. Even ordinary little moments at the MYHABIT office: Wishing a colleague farewell with a champagne toast. Spotting your stylish coworker’s awesome handkerchief bow tie. Taking in the Space Needle while… read more »

MYHABIT Buyer Diary: On Vintage Jewelry.

People say having kids will change your life and reset your priorities. As a mother myself, I can say it definitely re-prioritized my shopping behavior. I now go for classic vintage pieces, ones that I can eventually pass down to my daughter. And, luckily, one no longer needs to scour small town garage sales or spend a fortune at a Christie’s auction to find… read more »

NYC Fashion Week Diary: Muses, Models & Old School Glam with Lulu Frost

To say we at theFIX (and MYHABIT) are major fans of jewelry line Lulu Frost would be an understatement. Lucky for us, the feeling seems to be mutual, as Lulu Frost designer and founder Lisa Salzer put together these behind-the-scenes moments from her Spring 2013 NYC fashion week show just for us.

For Spring 2013, I collaborated with acclaimed author and long-time… read more »

Lulu Frost Art Deco Necklace: Must-Buy of the Day

...because this seriously stunning Lulu Frost piece is like taking a trip back to the twenties. I may never be as posh as Daisy Buchanan, and I may never find my Gatsby, but I can certainly dress the part. I imagine removing this necklace after a long night of dancing and carefully laying it on my bedroom vanity as I pull on a marabou-trimmed robe and matching… read more »

Five Fashion & Style Tumblrs You Should Follow Now

1. GLAMOUR Tumblr
Why: The official Tumblr of GLAMOUR Magazine takes a refreshingly down-to-earth approach even when hobnobbing with models like Hanneli Mustaparta. Fun, fresh images celebrate everything from cheap vintage clothing under $10 to runway fashion.

2. Eva Chen 212
Why: Teen Vogue Beauty Director Eva Chen’s personal tumblr is filled with products she… read more »

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