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The Guys' Guide: Billboard's Alex Gale On Sundance Style.


As a Senior Editor at Billboard Magazine, Alex Gale is used to rubbing elbows with entertainment’s finest. Celebrities and rock stars are part of the job, and that means looking put-together at all times, even in relaxed separates. And with Sundance just around the corner, sweaters, jeans, and boots are our kind of cold-weather uniform. Here, his tips on how… read more »

Saturday Night Costume Conundrum, Solved: 3 Brilliant Halloween Ideas From For The Makers.

Now that's how you do Halloween. Our fearless MyHabit costume ambassadors, Lindsay, Masha, and Jason.

The Halloween Scrooge. We all know one, and we’ve all been one. And while proclaiming your distaste for any other upcoming holiday is guaranteed to get you some side-eye – who doesn’t like Christmas, after all? – there’s something about a reluctance to parade… read more »

The How To: Megan Collins Of Style Girlfriend On Borrrowing From The Boys.


Menswear: One of our favorite trends, mainly due to the fact that almost all of the ladies out there have a closet they can pilfer from – be it Dad, Bro, or S.O. And since this look is here to stay – judging from the loafers, suits, and plaid we saw marching down the Fall 2015 runways – we called our go-to guru for borrowing from the boys, Megan Collins of… read more »

The Q&A, Father's Day Edition: On Being A Dad, From A Guy Who Has It Figured Out.


Good looking, fashionable, funny, kind, and driven: We know these characteristics sound entirely too good to be true, but they are exactly what set Hello His menswear blogger Cody Andrew in a league of his own (especially if this little Q&A with the dad of three is any indication). Always one to live in and embrace the moment, his overwhelmingly positive… read more »

Moto Jackets, Sharp Brogues & Other Menswear Trends To Try Now, As Snapped By Le 21ème.

A few times a year, the whole world stops what it's doing and turns its collective attention to the most stylish cities (New York, London, Florence, Milan, and Paris) for various fashion weeks. Generally under the radar is Men's Fashion Week, which showcases the best in menswear trends - on and off that runway. This season, we tapped Le 21ème 's Adam Katz Sinding… read more »

Designer Spotlight: Daniel Won Wants X-Men Powers For Christmas.

We love us a little leather. We love us a little leather cut into a jacket even more. Enter Daniel Won, a menswear designer who has all but cornered the market on the leather jacket. (Or is on his way to, anyway.) Each piece he makes is designed to be versatile in every sense of the word, boasting removable and reversible functions and details. Here, the New… read more »

MyHabit Staffer Fix: Social Media Manager Jason On Spiked Cider & Holiday Knits.

In addition to heading up social media at MyHabit, Jason Nickel also happens to be an expert on everything menswear and James Bond. If anyone ever has a question about who the best Bond was (Connery, naturally) or how many buttons to button on a three-button sportscoat (sometimes the top, always the middle, never the bottom), Jason is your gentleman. Here, in the… read more »

For the Gents: How To Wear A Suit Now, As Snapped By On Abbot Kinney's Michael Dumler.

Crisp, starched, cuffed—we love a man in a good suit. Now that fall is upon us, we’re spotting tailored pieces left and right. We tapped On Abbott Kinney’s Michael Dumler to snap some seriously stylish gents looking dapper in their suits. Guys, check ‘em out and follow their lead, one pressed piece at a time.

The How-To, Jewelry Edition: On Stacking Bracelets & Layering Necklaces.

Newsflash, people: Jewelry is having a moment. From delicate gold chains to dramatic cocktail rings, essentially anything goes right now—if, that is, you know how to wear it. Here, a few of the ways we are incorporating a little bling in our lives as of late.

Fall Shopping List: Menswear Designer Todd Snyder On What To Get Right Now.

Safe to assume it’s been a crazy couple of days for Todd Snyder, with him having just debuted his on-point (as always) Spring 2015 collection last Thursday. (Heads up, guys: Blue will be a big menswear trend next year.) Yet, gentleman that he is, Mr. Snyder took a minute to share a few of the things he is picking up this fall – and that you probably should, too.… read more »

Fall Trend To Try: ...Love Maegan On How To Borrow From The Boys.

Fiercely stylish women have been borrowing from the boys to man up their style game for as long as personal style has been a "thing". Katharine Hepburn, for instance, was far ahead of her time, borrowing pant suits, button up shirts and blazers from the boys while most women were only wearing dresses and skirts. Pairing her ensembles with masculine loafers and… read more »

For The Gents: Suiting 101, Courtesy Of Megan Collins (AKA Style Girlfriend).

Whether you slip into a suit every week for work or dust off the ol’ jacket and tie primarily during wedding season, one thing should always be true of your go-to suiting: You feel like a million bucks when you wear it. With so many colors, fabrics, accessories and tailoring technicalities to choose from, finding your perfect suit—the one that works for… read more »

The Q&A: Style Girlfriend’s Megan Collins On Nike Dunks, Piano-Playing & Tailor Love.

Megan launched Style Girlfriend in 2009 with the goal of providing real style advice for real guys from a friendly, female perspective. And that’s just what she’s done. Despite her spot-on advice landing in the pages of various glossy mags (think GQ, Esquire, Lucky, etc), Megan remains what she set out to be: A chic, friendly, girl-next-door type who isn’t afraid… read more »

Well Suited, Indeed: Brian Of He Spoke Style On 5 Ways To Wear A Blue Suit.

A great fitting dark blue suit—whether a classic navy or interesting variation on the hue—should be the anchor garment in any well-dressed man's wardrobe. Simply put, it is timeless and essential. This is your workhorse suit and should absolutely be the first suit that you own because of its unmatched versatility. From casual to business and even black tie, there… read more »

The Essentials: The Pieces That Should Be In Every Guy's Closet. (In Our Opinion, Anyway.)

We are firm believers that the key to menswear is simple: Invest in the classics. And, in an effort to share our humble-but-true philosophy with brothers, husbands, colleagues and other guys like you near and far, we put together a little guide to the pieces that should be in every guy's closet. (Check it out here.) We started with just a few of the essentials… read more »

Menswear Trend To Try: Our Men's Editor Matt On Cuffing Those Pants In 3 Steps.

With warm weather headed our way (or, at least, escapes to warm weather destinations), there’s one big change I make when getting dressed in the morning: I start cuffing my pants. This may seem like a small change, but, for me, it heralds the arrival of spring and a more relaxed approach to what I wear.

The Grown-Up Swim Short: Isaac Likes Wants You To Know About Orlebar Brown.

The polar vortex might still have us in its icy grips, but temperatures soared way above 32 over the weekend, which reminds us that spring is right around the corner, and hallelujah to that. To celebrate, it’s high time us guys started looking at what we’re going to be wearing once summer’s in full swing. First up, swimming trunks. There are far too many examples… read more »

This Slim-Cut Pair of Hudson Jeans: Must-Buy Of The Day.

…because my beloved but semi-clueless (when it comes to menswear trends, anyway) husband is ever on the hunt for a pair of jeans that are comfortable, but don’t make him look like a college student. Even better, he is finally embracing that tailored, slim cut style I’ve been pushing on him for the past couple of years. (Small victories!) And so, as a long time… read more »

Menswear Trends, Explained: Jacob Holston On What To Wear With A Cardigan.

OK: The cardigan. How, exactly, should a guy go about wearing one?
Cardigans are one of the most versatile style options available to a guy. We like the contrast of wearing a thick bulky cardigan on the outside with a thin t-shirt or light gauge sweater on the inside. Another great option is to match a lightweight cardigan with a classic buttondown shirt. Or… read more »

Isaac Likes on Menswear Trends: The Todd Snyder Road Test.

Todd Snyder does not mess around. Prior to launching his eponymous label in 2011, he spent two decades bouncing from one amazing job to another — outerwear expert at Polo Ralph Lauren, Director of Menswear at the Gap, and finally SVP of men's at J. Crew — so let's just say that his resume is more impressive than ours, and leave it at that. I'd never actually… read more »

Label We Like: Rochambeau. (Or: The Duo Pushing The Envelope On Menswear Trends.)

The Label: Founded in 2007 by longtime pals Laurence Chandler and Joshua Cooper, the young New York-centric label prides itself on creating progressive designer menswear. (Rochambeau, in case you were wondering, is French for Rock, Paper, Scissors.) We’re talking fresh takes on those classic pieces in your closet, guys: Impeccably tailored shirting… read more »

Fall Shoe & Accessory Guide, Guy Edition: A Few Staff Picks.

A quick look at some of the pieces in MyHabit staffers' shopping carts right about now...

Menswear Trends: What To Buy For Fall (And How To Wear It), According to Isaac Likes.

Here's the good news: What you need to buy for fall this year is the same thing you need to buy for fall next year, and the year after, and the year after that. Men's style is a static beast — what looked good in 1960 still looks good today, so killing it on the clothing front does not involve hopping on a bandwagon or buying into whatever menswear trend some… read more »

Sound Bite: Joseph Altuzarra On Women In Menswear And Other Such Stylish Insights.

The sharp tailoring, the sleek silhouettes, this awesome coat: We cannot wait to see what Joseph Altuzarra marches down the runway this Saturday, when his Spring ’14 collection makes its NYFW debut. In the meantime, we will take the designer’s spot-on styling advice below to heart, and pick up a tailored pencil skirt here, a printed blazer there. (All Altuzarra,… read more »

Justin of Scout Sixteen: To Do Before Labor Day. (Go Ahead, Buy Those Swim Trunks.)

Summer is slowly drawing to a close but that doesn't eliminate some last-minute warm-weather fun. Get your friends together for that final summer Friday, plan a long weekend at the beach, on the lake, or camping upstate. Whatever you choose, make it a launching pad for glorious summer memories.

Snapped in the Street: MyHabit Buyer Karan in Agave Denim.

We’re of the mind that we should probably just photograph MyHabit Senior Buyer Karan in any of the clothes he buys for the site and call it a day, as the clothes will no doubt proceed to sell themselves. Proof? This photograph of Karan right here, snapped between showroom appointments and showing how easy it is to wear jeans in a way that appear both sharp and… read more »

Snapped On the Street: Emmett Shine of Gin Lane Media in James Jeans.

Street style: It's a phrase that gets thrown around a lot, but we can't help but think its original meaning was intended to describe the style of someone like Emmett Shine. Indeed, the subject of today's launch of The Denim Shop rocks a hoodie and sneakers like no other. Here, Shine, founder of downtown creative agency Gin Lane Media, shares a sneak peek into his… read more »

Snapped on the Street: Gregory of Gregorys Coffee in Earnest Sewn.

Gentlemen: Wearing jeans should be easy, right? A no-brainer? Agreed. We recruited real guys to show us how they wear denim day in and day out. And then we asked them a few choice questions about themselves, because, while they are real guys, they also happen to have really cool jobs. First up? The purveyor of one of the strongest (and most delicious) cups of joe… read more »

The How-To: MyHabit Editor Matt's Thoughts On Summer Clothes For Men.

At this point in the summer, the only thing I want to be wearing is a swimsuit and flip flops. It’s too hot for anything else. Unfortunately that won’t fly as office attire, so I’ve come up with a few other ideas on how to beat the heat and look good doing it.

Pinned: How To Wear A Biker Jacket. (We’re Talking Motorcycles Here, Gents.)

Fact: When on Pinterest, the majority of our pins hightlight sweets (serious chocolate addicts here) or dreamy travel destinations. But oh-so occasionally we diverge, and right now we’re focusing on all things motorcycle. That’s right – that two-wheeled symbol of freedom. That beautiful machine that fulfills your every desire for speed. You get the point, right?… read more »

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