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MYHABIT Buyer Diary: On Vintage Jewelry.

People say having kids will change your life and reset your priorities. As a mother myself, I can say it definitely re-prioritized my shopping behavior. I now go for classic vintage pieces, ones that I can eventually pass down to my daughter. And, luckily, one no longer needs to scour small town garage sales or spend a fortune at a Christie’s auction to find… read more »

Must Buy(s) of the Day: Essentially Everything on MYHABIT at This Very Moment.

Okay, okay: Calling everything on the site a must buy might be just a wee bit excessive, but sales just have that effect on us. (Hey, we do work at MYHABIT, after all.) Some of the specific must-buys we’ve come across so far? A super chic black Missoni umbrella. A perfect, wear-with-everything statement necklace. Cool kicks. And a color-blocked, ladylike purse.

read more »

Things We're Thankful For: Our Studio's New Shoe Closet.

Says our proud stylist Anna of the brand-spanking new closet in our massive studio: “Finally all our MYHABIT styling pieces have a creative place to call home. Amongst the concrete, steel bars, and towering power cables, our closet is a beacon of beauty for stylists and shoe lovers alike. It’s been over a year in the making, but we now have a closet that brings a… read more »

MYHABIT Buyer Diary: A Costa Rican Weekend.

(Ed. note: When we heard Alicia was going to Costa Rica, we begged her to share snapshots and highlights when she returned. Et voila: A vacation for everyone, albeit one lived vicariously.)

Where I went: Tamarindo, Costa Rica.
Why I went: My best friend Gino Gareza’s 50th birthday bash.
Where I stayed: Slept at Capitan Suizo, but partied at Casa Papagayo, a… read more »

MYHABIT Buyer Diary: Argentina, By Way of Bridgehampton

Ed. note: Truth: The MYHABIT buying team is a fascinatingly well-traveled and tasteful bunch. We at theFIX have long been relishing their various travel tales and buying finds, before finally deciding to share as much here. First up: Alicia, our designer shoes and accessories buyer.

Since the birth of my daughter Edie four years ago, I’ve become nostalgic about… read more »

MYHABIT Buyer Diary: Art(work) Space in Asheville

On a recent weekend trip to the charming southern Appalachian town of Asheville, NC, I paid a visit to the River Arts District. I’ve long wanted to get a glimpse at the “door’s always open” studios, workshops and galleries that have taken over a neighborhood of graffiti-ed old warehouses along the French Broad River, an other-side-of-the-tracks area that has… read more »

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